Wednesday, February 24, 2010


being as i am not the most tech savvy person, i am naturally curious about online networky things. though i'm not especially interested in twitter, blogs seem like a great way to keep up with friends by reading their poetry, daily journals and whatever else they might post. i suppose they kind of remind me of on-line zines or something.

so here i go. hopefully this won't be too boring, but i'm as self-obsessed as the next person so either way i think i'll give it a try.

things i am currently eating:
1. granny smith apple chips (crispy and sour. mm).
2. san pellegrino (my favorite fizzy water and current addiction).
3. mixed olives.

well, i'm off to do home work so that i can mix up some pizza dough later this evening and maybe even make a quiche (keep your fingers crossed).

until next time, lots of love.

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